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The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea 

The breathtaking landscape…the therapeutic air and mud…the luxury spas…a visit to this incredible area will leave you feeling anything BUT dead!

So why is it called the Dead Sea?  The salinity (salt content) and minerals in this amazing body of water inhibit the existence of most life forms.  However, it’s these same salt & minerals that provide the perfect environment for those who want to treat their body and mind.  Here are a few interesting facts about this extraordinary area:

• It’s the lowest location on Earth – 400 metres below sea level
• The unique properties of the water mean that even non-swimmers can float effortlessly
• It’s one of the best locations in the world for sunbathing, as the extra layers of   atmosphere help block the sun’s harmful radiation and let the beneficial properties through.
• The air contains extra oxygen and bromine, which causes a relaxing effect
• The area is virtually pollen-free, so great for those with allergies
• The combination of mud, sea & air is highly beneficial for those suffering from skin ailments as well as those with joint problems (arthritis, etc)
• There are many spas offering a multitude of health & beauty treatments
• The area experiences an average of 330 days of sunshine per year


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